Awards Application

The deadline for all nominations was April 5, 2013.  The Web site nomination section is closed and late entries will not be considered for 2013 awards.


Project Awards:  A project nomination must describe either  one or a set of activities that directly resulted in measures that impacted positively on the sector. Nominations should describe projects that are particularly exceptional or innovative and go beyond “business as usual” measures.

Company Awards: These categories of awards honor a business organization demonstrating superior performance in the development, delivery and innovation of conventional or renewable energy, energy products and services.

Individual Award: Nominees should be extraordinary individuals who have been directly responsible for creating and instituting innovative and effective programs, projects, or technologies and/or have otherwise significantly helped the agency meet its energy goals.

The on-line  nomination system will not allow applicable nominations to be submitted if required data is not entered into the data table. It is strongly encouraged that applicants organize narratives according to the applicable criteria so  that all required information is addressed.


The panel of jury members will review and score nominations. As part of the narrative, please include detailed information for each applicable award criterion.


Nominations must be submitted via the  on-line nomination system on Awards Application section.

PLEASE NOTE:  the on-line nomination system will be available to enter and submit nominations beginning on March 10, 2013.

Required Approvals and Due Dates

The deadline for all nominations is April 5, 2013.  The nomination Web site will be closed after this date and late entries will not be considered for 2013 awards.


Name of the nomination
Name of the project, company or individual nominated for the award category.

Award Category nomination
Choose a category from the list.

Contact for the nominee
Provide the name, title,e-mail address, and telephone numbers for the nominee(s).

Written Narrative
All nominations must contain written narratives that will not exceed 300 words.  Additional pages will be discarded prior to panel evaluation. The narrative should describe the activities and accomplishments of the team or individual during fiscal year 2012. It should address all criteria relevant to the nomination category, including quantifiable results and other relevant implementation and management successes.

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